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Sexting Tips Every Woman Should Know

The advancement in technology has opened numerous doors for everyone. That includes independence for men and women as they embark on dating ventures online. Being able to chat, send sex pics and meet others all over the world has created a new world of dating concepts. One of those is sexting. Sexting is sending out sexually explicit messages, images or content to someone else via SMS messages. It is one of the many freedoms mobile users enjoy. But, while sexting can be a great way to enjoy meeting new people or send and receive sex pics, it can also be dangerous. The dangers are higher for young girls and women. These sexting tips every woman should know covers some areas to help you avoid those dangers.

For teenagers, the temptation to do sexting is very high. New research shows that more than 40% of teens have sent out sexually explicit messages or posted them. There are also more than 47% who admit to sending out sex pics, porn GIFS images or nude selfies of themselves. With so many people online or using apps to chat and text, the amount of things which can go wrong are high. Young girls and women need to be aware of what the dangers to sexting are. The same goes for men or young male teens who can also fall into several sexting traps.

Be Careful What You Send

The biggest problem those that get involved in sexting face is the aftermath. Once you send out sex pics, nude selfies or porn GIFS images to someone, there is no turning back. Your sex pics are fair game and can be shared with millions of others if you’re not careful. A large amount of women or young girls, have sent out their free sex pictures or nude selfies to boyfriends or people they meet online. However, some have found out that their sex pics or nude images were later made available on websites for the world to see. This is why sites that cater to ‘Revenge Porn’ are so popular.

On these websites, men and women, can post sex pics, porn GIFS and private sex videos of their ex-partners for others to view. Since people love amateur porn & sex pics, these sites and the content, are very popular. Be careful what you send and to whom. Always assume that any sex pics or porn GIFS images you send out to others, can be seen by the rest of the world.

Sexting Can Be Illegal

There are several states in the USA and places around the world where sharing someone else’s nude photos without their permission is illegal. It is sexual harassment and it’s also punishable by law. If you receive sex pics or naked images of a minor, it can make the punishment even worse. Receiving, sending or sharing sex pictures or nude images of a minor is considered the same as distributing child pornography. Be sure that whomever you are sexting with, is of legal age.

If You Must Send Nudes…

The most important lesson you should learn about sending anyone sex pics or naked images of yourself is to hide your identity. Never send out sex pictures or nude selfies which show your face. While the person on the other side may be sweet and charming when you are dating and all is going well, things can change. If you ever break up under bad circumstances, the other person can use those sex pics, porn GIFS or private videos against you. You can be affected both personally and professionally.

Don’t Give Out Too Much Personal Info

Girls and women who are meeting new people online should always remember that they don’t really know who the person on the other side really is. Giving out too much of your personal information to someone you know nothing about can be very dangerous.

Remember the Cloud

The past few years, many celebrities had their private sex pics and nude photos leaked online. These sex pics were made available because their iCloud or online image storage were hacked. Always remember that in some cases, all of your sex pics, GIFS of porn and nude selfies are automatically uploaded to the cloud. This all depends on the carrier and mobile operating phone system you have set-up. Just make sure you have the proper settings in place for your images and files. Also, keep in mind that while your phone may not be uploading the images to the Cloud, the other person’s phone may be doing so.

Other tips to keep in mind is that Snapchat is not foolproof. Neither are apps that self-destruct messages. It is very easy to do a screen capture of your sex pics before they disappear.